Green Diesel and Red Diesel were created by ExpiTheCat on the same day in March of 2011. They were based on images leaked from the upcoming Thomas & Friends movie - Day of the Diesels. One interesting thing to note about these diesels is that none of the engines actually featured in that movie resemble the Green Diesel and Red Diesel; however some similar trains do appear and likely these engines were made to resemble Paxton and Norman respectively.

Green Diesel Edit

Green Diesel was the first of the two diesels created on this day, and the third diesel of this type over all. Not much more can be said on this model.


Red Diesel Edit

Red Diesel was created alongside Green Diesel. It is the last of the four similar diesels to be produced. Red Diesel is completely identical to Green Diesel - the only difference being that all Bright Green parts of Green Diesel have been repainted Bright Red.