PBS: Toast and Butter was the first (major) PBS game by ExpitheCat, being created on July 8, 2012. After being created, the PBS saw a lot of activity throughout the next few hours with a number of "The Gang" members coming, such as presumably Joonas08Joonas, TheOneTestingAccount (the1robloxboy at the time), elite149, Mekadon and thomasfan22. That said, however, hackers ended up coming into the game and screwing with things, resulting in ExpitheCat shutting down and abandoning the game.


  • Default 2012 PBS home
  • Small "Big House"-colored building
  • One-Car Garage
  • Space Station/UFO Area
  • Mekadon's House(?)
  • Titanic
  • Toast and Butter Statue
  • FloatPad Room
  • Various Tunneling Areas
  • Destroyed Pastel Blue House
  • Unknown Metal Building
  • Sand Building with a bunker and tunnels

Hacking and Abandoning

After the PBS was made active, the PBS ended up receiving a lot of traction with a lot of ExpitheCat's friends and "The Gang" members coming in and building. However, over time, an unknown hacker ended up going into the game and adding teams with the titles "Noobs" and "Other Noobs." This resulted in the current players, especially ExpitheCat, freaking out, and as a result, the server was shut down before the hackers could due more damage and the game was made inactive. A day later, a new PBS was made over top Toast and Butter, however it didn't get the same amount of traction or memorability that this one had.


Teams added by the unknown hacker

It is unknown why or how this place was hacked, however it is potentially due to ExpitheCat's friends (that had been made admin beforehand) were banning a large amount of players that were coming into the game, causing one of them attempting to go back (presumably on an alt or while they were still hovering around) and adding the teams using a ROBLOX cheat program.


After the PBS was abandoned, ExpitheCat attempted to make a few other PBS games over the next few years, however most of them didn't gain as much traction from "The Gang" as PBS: Toast and Butter did, and a few of them were mostly made simply for OT parties or for use with some of his other friends.

Despite that, PBS ended up becoming a staple of "The Gang" over time, especially during 2014 and after. Not long after this and a few other PBS games by ExpitheCat, Joonas08Joonas ended up making his first PBS game under the title of "Personal Building with Joonas08Joonas" (or PBwJ08J for short), which became a series of PBSes of his own and around 2014 PBSes began taking over Mini RPs as the most used hangout game for the group of friends. Looking back, Toast and Butter may have been the earliest "The Gang" PBS, and as time has gone on some early ideas introduced in Toast and Butter, such as a few bunkers and tunnels have been used in later PBS games.