Roblox Gone LOL is ExpitheCat's longest running series, beginning in September 2010, and ending in May 2015. The series contained 35 episodes in total, including the final "End of ROBLOX Gone LOL" video. The series involves the use of the ROBLOX Gone Crazy format established by JJ5x5, using clips and footage to make a montage of jokes in each episode.


  1. Roblox Gone LOL
  2. Roblox Gone LOL 2
  3. Roblox Gone LOL 3
  4. Roblox Gone LOL Halloween Special
  5. Roblox Gone LOL 5
  6. Roblox Gone LOL 6
  7. Roblox Gone LOL Christmas Special
  8. Roblox Gone LOL 8
  9. Roblox Gone LOL 9
  10. Roblox Gone LOL 10
  11. Roblox Gone LOL 11
  12. Roblox Gone LOL 12 Halloween Special
  13. Roblox gone LOL 13 (Half-Thanksgiving Special)
  14. Roblox Gone LOL 14: Christmas Special 2011
  15. Roblox Gone LOL 15
  16. Roblox Gone LOL 16!
  17. Roblox Gone LOL 17 - Birthday + Easter Special
  18. Roblox Gone LOL 18
  19. Roblox Gone LOL 19 =D
  20. Roblox Gone LOL 20 Epicsodes Special
  21. Roblox Gone LOL 21: Sandwich Adventure
  22. Roblox Gone LOL 22 - Halloween Special 2012!
  23. Roblox Gone LOL 23 - Christmas Special
  24. Roblox Gone LOL 24 - My Little Bandicoot: Wumpa Fruit is Magic
  25. Roblox Gone LOL 25 - ROBLAWKS GAMERZZZ!!!
  26. Roblox Gone LOL 26 - Back to the Normal Days, woohoo!
  27. Roblox Gone LOL 27 - Return of teh Kitteh force!
  28. Roblox Gone LOL 28 Rainbow Randomness
  29. Roblox Gone LOL 29 - 2muchtrains4u
  30. Roblox Gone LOL 30 - Easter and Birthdays
  31. Roblox Gone LOL 31 - I LUV PINKIE PIE
  32. Roblox Gone LOL 32 - Halloween Special I guess
  33. Roblox Gone LOL 33 - Christmas Time!
  34. ROBLOX Gone LOL 34 - Sample Text
  35. The End of ROBLOX Gone LOL

Cancelled Episodes/Specials

Roblox Gone LOL: The Movie (conceptualized and cancelled in 2012, brought up again in 2014 and cancelled again in 2015)

Roblox Gone LOL: Christmas Countdown (cancelled after two parts in 2012)


  • To this day, ROBLOX Gone LOL was ExpitheCat's longest running series, mostly due to the easiness of putting together footage without any storytelling throughout the years. The series ended due to his interest in the series declining and him feeling the series starting to go downhill and his lack of creative ideas and wit for the series. However, after the end ExpitheCat feels that his main Youtube channel lost it's identity and it's footing as he moved away from ROBLOX videos.
  • The stylization of ROBLOX Gone LOL is fairly inconsistent, as up until the last couple episodes the "Roblox" wasn't capitalized and in this case is referred to with the ROBLOX all capitalized, and is often referred to by the creator in that way since the end.
  • Ideas for ROBLOX Gone LOL movies were brought up several times during the series, however were cancelled each time. The first part of a ROBLOX Gone LOL movie was uploaded in 2012, however was cancelled overall shortly after and the trailer, sneak peek and Part 1 of the series was unlisted.
  • In 2012, an idea for a ROBLOX Gone LOL Christmas Countdown came about where two weeks prior a small clip would be uploaded for each day until Christmas. This idea was scrapped two clips in and replaced with a full Roblox Gone LOL special.
  • Up until Roblox Gone LOL 19, each Roblox Gone LOL episode simply referred to with a number to keep the episodes in order barring holiday specials. Beginning with Roblox Gone LOL 19 =D, each Roblox Gone LOL episode up until the end had it's own subtitle.
  • The first Halloween and Christmas specials of the series did not have a corresponding number and were simply referred to as their respective specials. The next Halloween and Christmas specials both had a number with them the following year.
  • Roblox Gone LOL Halloween Special (Episode 4) is a very different type of episode than the others, as it is more focused on the plot of thomasfan6 (as a character) being lost on a Haunted Ship built by his friend Joonas08Joonas and followed more of the formula for his previous series ROBLOX Epicsodes with the only bit of the segment formula being the Party place commercial in the middle of the episode. This formula was never used again, but would've been used again with the ROBLOX Gone LOL Movie if it hadn't gotten cancelled. Because of the different type of episode, ExpitheCat considers this video his favorite Roblox Gone LOL episode