ROBLOX Spoofs is a series created by ExpitheCat in on New Years Day, 2011, focusing on spoofs and parodies of random viral videos and trailers of games. The series was cancelled after only one month and with only four videos in, making it ExpitheCat's second shortest Youtube series to this day in terms of episodes (tied with "A Normal Day," both at 4 episodes and behind Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Show at 1 part of an episode) and third shortest in terms of time of series (behind Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Show at 1 day and Sodor Railway Friends at 25 days).


  1. Plants vs Noobs (Plants vs Zombies)
  2. The Annoying Robloxian (The Annoying Orange)
  3. IT'S OVAR 9000! (The Over 9000 Meme, originating from Dragon Ball)
  4. Meet the Thomasfan6 (Meet the Heavy)


  • The first episode of the series, Plants vs Noobs, led to the creation of a "Plants vs Noobs" place by ExpitheCat not long following it's upload. It also inspired Joonas08Joonas' Plants vs Robloxians video and place.
  • Like the "Meet the Noob" episode in the Nooby Robloxian series, Meet the Thomasfan6 was originally supposed to be part of a miniseries created by ExpitheCat parodying the "Meet the X" trailers from Team Fortress 2, which would partially be used to advertise and show off ExpitheCat's "ThomFortress 2" place. However, this miniseries was ultimately cancelled, and so was the development of the ThomFortress 2 place.