Thomasfan6 Railway is a game that was initially created in January 2014, as a work with NXTransit trains to form a railway/train-based game. The game was a mostly linear game, with a bunch of trains (as well as rolling stock) to choose from, with freight, express and even a narrow gauge line.

Most of the trains in the game have a blue and green color scheme to reflect the common Thomasfan6 Studios color scheme at the time, however some engines have other color schemes. The game also contains a largely "grassy" area as well as a desert area. The tracks end in a station and a dock.

After being created, Thomasfan6 Railway had a fairly consistent development cycle in the early winter and spring months of 2014, however after May 2014 the game was ultimately abandoned with focus going towards Sodor Railway Friends, another train-based game. While the layout is finished, there were/are still some glitches with the game and as of 2017 a lot of the trains do not work due to the newer ROBLOX physics engines.


  • Throughout the layout, a few "Joontropolis" signs appear here and there for unknown reasons.
  • In the desert area, there is a black train ("Evilfang6" without the face) connected to a Jet Engine. It is unknown why this was added in.
  • One of the cranes at the end dock as well as the "narrow gauge" engines are colored in a Rarity color scheme.